Barcelona Terror Attack Kills 13, 100 Injured

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said the van attack in Barcelona on Thursday that has killed at least 13 people was “jihadist terrorism” which required a global response.

“Today the fight against terrorism is the principal priority for free and open societies like ours. It is a global threat and the response has to be global,” Rajoy told a news conference in Barcelona.

He said he would call on other Spanish political parties to reaffirm the country’s anti-terrorism pact.

Catalonia’s regional government said 100 people were also injured and the death toll could rise. Two people were arrested in connection with the killings — but the perpetrator wasn’t one of them, Catalan officials told a news conference. Police raised the possibility that an explosion at a home earlier on Thursday that killed one person and brought down a building may be connected to the attack.

The driver mowed into the pedestrianized



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