Barbara Bush-bashing prof rips ‘f***ing stupid’ farmers

Randa Jarrar

The self-described Muslim professor at Fresno State University who fueled widespread outrage for celebrating the death of former first lady Barbara Bush, all the while boasting her $100,000-a-year job was not in jeopardy because she had tenure, has new troubles.

A four-minute video with Randa Jarrar’s profanity-laced rants has found its way to social media, and it is certain to put greater pressure on university officials to take action.

Jarrar’s troubles began when she took to Twitter after Bush, 92, died Wednesday, jarringly writing, “I’m happy the witch is dead.”

In a Twitter message that sparked a firestorm, Jarrar added, “Can’t wait for the rest of the her family to fall to their demise the way 1.5 million Iraqis have.”

She boasted of making $100,000 a year, having people who always want to hear what she has to say and being secure in her job as a tenured professor.



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