AWESOME! Virginia Tech Coach Teaches Players How To Honor The Flag

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Virginia Tech basketball coach Buzz Williams taught his players the meaning of respect for the national anthem. Hats off to this coach and fine man for teaching his young players much more than how to make a jump shot.

Honor to them who have served our nation’s flag. Well done sir!

From Inspire More:

Basketball Coach Buzz Williams of Virginia Tech was disappointed with the overall state of respect among college basketball players.  He had noticed for years that most college players would not pay attention during the National Anthem.

As we’ve all seen, some do stand in full respect.  But many don’t: they sway along with the music, others look down at the floor, others even goof off and pay no attention.  And we’ve all been there.  Williams realized what was lacking was the reverent attitude due to those who fought for the freedoms…



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