Award Winning Journalist says Media Undertaking “Propaganda” Campaign

In fact, Attkisson says the entire fiasco smells of a forced “narrative” and a “propaganda campaign” being stoked by the left and happily reported by the media.

Let me be clear, I do believe that the Russians tried to interfere with our election, that they long have, as have the Chinese. As have we in other elections. This is not unusual.

I don’t believe that based on what I hear, the unsubstantiated reports on the news. I believe in what I hear from intel officials that I trust.

But I also think that all the coverage that we’re seeing smacks very much of a narrative and a propaganda campaign. And it’s very interesting to observe it just from the media coverage, for the hyperventilating, overemphasized media coverage on something that is I think is far less important than some things that are being ignored or not being covered as heavily.…



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