ASPCA Runs Afowl in Gamebird Case

For some people, feathers, fowl, and roosters immediately bring thoughts of cockfighting. They are unaware that for generations Americans relied on heritage breeds of chickens, many of which are close to extinction today.

Thomas Carrano, in upstate New York, is an expert on these birds. They are his passion. He’s been breeding them for 37 years. Yet Carrano stands to lose a lifetime of work, along with the priceless bloodlines and genetics of these endangered birds, because of ignorance on the part of animal rights advocates.

Carrano and his wife have a small farm near Rochester, New York, where they raise game fowl. Speaking to Carrano, he explains that some of the breeds were used hundreds of years ago for cockfighting – and some people use them, illegally, for that purpose today. But the birds have other purposes as well. Carrano breeds the birds to preserve their bloodlines. He



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