As Migrants Overwhelm Their Cities, Mayors Panicking– Begging For Help!

If you think we’ve got problems with migrants, check out France. In some cities in France, several mayors published an open letter in a national paper, crying out to their President Macron for more help in dealing with the migrant crisis.

In an open letter, published in the newspaper LeMonde (the World)mayors are begging for more help for their crunched cities, who report that they have been taking in “several thousand” refugees every month. This is causing a social emergency that can no longer be ignored by their country’s government, as these small cities are not able to support these newcomers flooding their borders. In fact, they are “completely saturated” with these migrants, arriving from the Middle East and Africa.

But hey, didn’t this whole mess start because Syrians were supposedly fleeing their borders? Well, the insanity is French newspapers still manage to easily find migrants from nations including Eritrea, which is



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