Arpaio is Free! And Hypocritical Snowflakes Are Crying

The Left is outraged again (SURPRISE!) at President Trump. This time for pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Do I agree with the pardon? No. In my opinion, Trump should have waited for the appeal because I believe Arpaio would have been found innocent, but so be it.

The President, like every other President, had the right to pardon or commute the sentence of whoever he wants. The ONLY time he can’t is if it was an impeachable offense. Otherwise, even if the offense is corruption, the pardon stands (you know, like when Slick Willy pardoned some of his bank and tax evasion buddies!)

President Trump is standing up for law enforcement as he said he would during his campaign by granting Sheriff Joe a pardon.

Joe Arpaio the former sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona was convicted of contempt by a federal judge. He was charged with violating a court order



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