Army Loses Drone, Reappears 600 Miles Away

One of the Army’s extremely expensive drones went missing and was discovered 600 miles away.

The missing drone, which was last seen in Arizona, has turned up nearly 600 miles away in Colorado – an embarrassing blunder for a military that has been underreported for the last 8 years of former President Barack Obama’s rein.

“Officials at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, say a hiker found the $1.5 million Shadow drone stuck in a tree in the mountains west of Denver Thursday. It was missing a wing.

“Soldiers lost contact with the drone at Fort Huachuca nine days earlier. A search failed to find it, and the Army concluded it probably crashed and disintegrated in the area.

“Officials say the 450-pound drone has a 20-foot wingspan and can fly for eight or nine hours.”

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Andrew West

Andrew West

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