Armed citizens made a difference in 2017

Americans are fighting back and criminals are in their sights. Dave Workman)

Armed citizens made a difference more than once in 2017. (Dave Workman)

After 2017, don’t let anyone say armed citizens don’t make a difference.

While the news typically concentrates on gun-related crimes – including this week’s car smash burglary of a Bellevue, Washington gun store in which dozens of handguns were taken – law-abiding gun owners made a difference more than once during 2017, and the odds are that armed citizens will do it again in 2018.

The Bellevue burglary was caught on camera. Thieves used a stolen car to ram through the doors of the shop, and then used it to get away. This is the kind of crime that seems to be on the upswing over the past few years, and it underscores the failure of gun control extremists to understand that one more law will



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