ANTIFA Is The Problem! Not Church, Not Guns!

ANTIFA is the problem! Not Church, Not Guns! It’s time we stop tap dancing around gun control. You just saw gun control fail

Texas Church Victims

miserably. The Liberals are hitting the streets again screaming about gun control. It doesn’t work!

ANTIFA just went through a national campaign touting the mass execution of all white, Christian Trump supporters, and the Liberal left cheered it on insulting the sixty three million people who voted for Donald Trump, demanding restitution for slavery, talking about freedom of speech and making rude jokes When twenty eight people paid the price for their Tom Foolery!

Time for a little even up! There are members of society that do not need to walk freely among us, and ANTIFA is at the head of that list. With their bank robber masks, their language, and their bull dykes leading the charge, these dredges Of humanity need to be sent



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