Antifa Expands Violence: Berkeley Cops Allow Them To Attack Conservatives

Remember how the MSM and the liberals (I guess that’s redundant), anyway remember how they flipped when the President said there was bad on both sides? Antifa was one of the groups he was referring to as bad on the left side. On Sunday, Antifa responsible for more violence.

A group of “anti-Marxists” gathered in Berkeley to demonstrate against the radical leftism that’s been on display in recent months and they were, of course, met by the same radical leftists they were protesting against.

A much larger group of what the mainstream media calls “counter-protesters” arrived to harass the anti-Marxists and for a while, things remained calm.

Sadly, at some point in the gathering over 100 masked leftists simply pushed past the police, avoiding a checkpoint designed to remove weapons from the protesters, and swarmed the anti-Marxist group.

The police force’s refusal to stop the leftist thugs led to several of



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