Anti-Trump Teacher in Trouble Over Jacket She Wore at School [VIDEO]

A teacher by the name of Cheryl Judy has drawn the ire of parents for the jacket she wore at school.  It was very anti-Trump and students say they talk about politics more in her class than any other.  That’s strange considering she is an art teacher.

A West Virginia junior high school art teacher who makes clear to her students her anti-President Donald Trump views in class-time discussions is getting heat for being photographed wearing a profane anti-Trump message on a jacket in class.

Cheryl Judy, who teaches at Sherman Junior High School in the town of Seth located in Boone County wore a jacket that had letters that spelled “TUCK FRUMP” affixed to the back. The letters F-U-C-K were in white and the letters T-R-U-M-P were in black to make…



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