Anti-Semitic Huffington Post Accuses Mick Mulvaney Of Using Anti-Semitic Term

It is so strange that the same liberals who were silent about anti-Semitism during the eight years of Obama, the most anti-Semitic administration in my lifetime, will come up with any lame example in an attempt to label the Trump administration as hating Jews. The latest sick try involved the Huffington Post, which has a history of anti-Semitism, calling the use of the word “globalist” by Mick Mulvaney in reference to parting economic advisor Gary Cohn, an anti-Semitic code word.

It was very obvious that Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) used the term globalist as the opposite of Donald Trump’s “America First” policies. Heck I have used it in that context, but of course, the liberal Trump haters dug up a rare anti-Semitic use to trash the administration.

According to the Huffington Post writers Nina Golgowski and Luke O’Brien who at times quoted



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