Anti-gunners pull out all stops as CCW Reciprocity passes Judiciary

A U.S. Appeals Court panel in the District of Columbia has vacated the citys “good reason” requirement to obtain a concealed carry permit. Dave Workman)

The House Judiciary Committee has passed concealed carry reciprocity 19-11 on a party line vote. The bill now goes to the full House for a vote. (Dave Workman)

Anti-gun politicians and lobbying groups are pulling out all the stops in their fight to prevent national concealed carry reciprocity from advancing any farther, now that it has been approved on a strict 19-11 party-line vote by the House Judiciary Committee.

With the bill, HR38, headed to the House floor for consideration, Democrats and even one New York Republican – Rep. Peter King – are lining up against expansion of concealed carry rights across state lines. As Newsday is reporting, King has sided with Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas and NYPD



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