Another Win Chalked Up For President Trump As Democrats Cave

To the casual observer, President Donald Trump just chalked up another WIN when the Democrats caved on their empty threat of a government shut down. They are so used to using that threat and having the Republicans cave that this came as a sort of surprise. 

If you think about it a minute, this victory has to go to President Donald Trump. By Tweeting from his bully pulpit, he was able to pin this one on the Democrats. The President made them be the obstructionist. Our President has learned how to use Twitter to get his message out that the mainstream media covers up. 

As Written By Sarah Gonzales for The Blaze:

After weeks of posturing, Democrats have withdrawn their threats to shut down the government if Republicans do not include deportation relief for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients in a government funding bill.

While House Minority Leader Nancy



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