Another Leak At The Justice Department

The Department of Justice is saying that the release of text messages of FBI agent Peter Strzok may have been unauthorized. Does that mean that it was a leak? A leak in the DOJ that could benefit President Trump would be a rare event, would it not?

If the leak to FOX News and CBS News was, in fact, unauthorized, will there now be a criminal investigation? Is this some sort of invasion of privacy? Would not this just be another form of outing someone just like the Dems have been doing to the Trump campaign? 

As Written and Reported By Carlos Garcia for The Blaze:

The Department of Justice is admitting that the release of private texts from FBI official Peter Strzok to reporters was “unauthorized,” and some think it could become a criminal offense.

What happened?

On Wednesday, Fox News and CBS News reported that they had “obtained” ten thousand texts from Peter Strzok,



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