Anonymous Announces “Day Of Rage”

Anonymous Announces “Day Of Rage” (Image: MGN)

The “hacktivist” group has just released their “Day Of Rage” plans to protest recent cop shootings. A video was released along with a list of cities where the protests will take place. It is not confirmed whether this threat is serious but please be prepared. Apparently, the movie the Purge is now a reality and it is happening tomorrow.

When The Purge came out in 2013, the concept of a day where all crime is legal was thrilling. We all, for those of us that saw it, sat in the theaters in amazement and fear as the United States of America went into chaos for a day. Tomorrow, Friday the 15th, might America’s very first Purge.

The self-proclaimed “hacktivist” group, Anonymous, has just called for a national “Day Of Rage” tomorrow Friday the 15th. They are dedicated the day to the recent police-related shootings…



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