Animatronic Trump Has Arrived at Disney, Here’s What He Says [VIDEO]

The latest addition to the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World in Orlando has been unveiled to mix reactions. Donald Trump has taken center stage at the attraction and his realistic movements sure do show how far technology has come.

You may have heard of an unfortunate malfunction when Disney held a preview of the new technology in the 1960’s. During the preview, there was a leak in the hydraulic fluid from a broken valve. Unfortunately, the fluid was red and was leaking out and staining President Lincoln’s shirt. Someone joked that Disney was trying to recreate the assassination. Disney changed to clear fluid after that incident! Technology sure has changed since then!

H/T Business Insider

The animatronic President Trump has arrived at the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida — and like every American president since Bill Clinton, the robotic Trump has a



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