An Open Letter To United and Delta After Severing Ties With the NRA

This ‘Open Letter’ is directed at United Airlines and Delta after they distanced themselves from the National Rifle Association. In a move that can only be seen as Political Correctness, these two airlines have cut off discounts for NRA members. In his TV appearance in support of the Florida high school shooting victims, the President noted that pilots, crew and Air Marshalls carry weapons on flights. If that is the case, there should be weapons for defense in schools as well. Read the rest here.

As Written and Reported By Michael Knowles for the Daily Wire:

Legacy airlines United and Delta announced Saturday that they will no longer offer discounted bulk travel rates for NRA members to use exclusively for NRA gatherings, to which an estimated 100% of NRA members nationwide perplexedly responded, “Delta and United used to give NRA members travel discounts?” Now that United and Delta have made crystal clear



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