An Open Letter to My Liberal Friends and Last Week’s Recap

An Open Letter to my Liberal Friends. We all sit at opposite ends of the political spectrum. On some things we will never agree, but on others we must. We all want a better country. One of the paradoxes of politics is that whomever is running, on either party, they never claim all is good, and they will continue to follow the course charted by the previous administration even if it is their own party. This implies that after over two centuries we still haven’t got it right which means we are basically dumber than ants!

Let’s all admit the last election was flawed. If you believe it wasn’t then I’ve got a bridge for you, and it’s on SALE! Unfortunately, we’re stuck with it for the time being. The beautiful thing about our constitution is that it comes with a self healing process. It IS flexible. It wasn’t designed



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