An Enemy’s Call to ‘Push Back’

“Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance…”
– Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s 2009 words when giving his first selling out of America speech in Cairo, Egypt, repeated again when Imam Khalid Latif and muslima Linda Sarsour welcomed him to their mosque

Tolerance…a word that in today’s world seems to come in degrees for what one group of people deems tolerable another group of people deems not to be societal norms. And such is the case with the islamic concept of jihad for while the muslim world deems jihad an act they are commanded to do as laid down in the (un)holy qur’an…an act sometimes referred to as the ‘sixth pillar of islam’…the civilized world rightfully deems jihad an act of violence, savagery, and barbarism committed in the name of the false god known as allah.

And while to muslims the concept of jihad is both a physical struggle against the tangible…



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