An Economic EXPLOSION!

If you remember, an economic explosion was the last thing that the liberal talking heads predicted when Donald Trump won the election for the Presidency. The economic gloom and doom were ramped up to the Armageddon scale and you were supposed to go hide in your basement. Somehowsternation abounds within the Democrat Party and with the mainstream media. Here are 5 things that the resistance cannot change. They are just the facts. 

As Written and Reported By Ryan Saavedra for the Daily Wire:

During his presidential campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump promised to deliver a strong economy for the American people, and as President, he has more than made good on his promise – and he still has not even been in office for 365 days.

There are five economic indicators that show the economy is incredibly strong right now under the Trump administration: The booming stock market, job creation beating



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