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America has spent trillions of dollars on stimulus packages to prop up its economy in the face of the covid-19 pandemic. But is it working—and what will the long-term effects be? Our experts answer your questions.

Question timecodes:
00:00 Introduction to US economic stimulus
00:44 Where does the stimulus money come from?
01:43 Will the funds actually reach the people who need it most?
03:00 How does the American economic stimulus compare to other countries globally?
04:08 Has the increased unemployment benefit disincentivised people from going back to work?
05:08 How will America’s economic stimulus impact inflation?
06:24 Should Americans be concerned that the stimulus will put the government in debt?
08:28 Can the positive effects of the covid-19 stimulus on the US economy be shown?
09:23 Is America becoming more socialist by handing out this stimulus?

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