America’s Slide Into Economic Oblivion Is Already Starting To Accelerate Here In 2021

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The mainstream media is making it look delightful to live in a decaying society amid a devastating economic downturn that has been pushing millions over the edge. The most recent figures are alarming but, apparently, now that dissonant voices are being silenced and freedom of speech has been “canceled”, the establishment’s version of the facts became the universal truth. And what they are trying to convince us is that things are going to get so much better – “if we just believe it”. The “new normal” looks so fun. People have become so “woke” about their environmental footprint that they’re choosing to live in tiny homes, vans, and their own cars. That – obviously – doesn’t have absolutely anything to do with the fact that proper, affordable housing has been removed from our reach. For some, it may be an adventure, a change in their lifestyle. For others… well, they don’t have much of a choice, do they? About 40 million could be evicted by the end of the year, but if they’re lucky enough to still have a vehicle of their own, maybe they can join the new hot trend, right?
The expansion of “green initiatives” is being largely accepted. Now that health agencies have given the green light for people to snack on worms (yes, you heard that right), maybe people will have an inexpensive alternative protein source since the price of meat, pork, dairy products, and even some vegetables continues to climb to infinity. But, hey, it’s all to protect mother Earth. Perhaps, a tiny little bit to keep the wallets of the wealthy nice and full while our living standards get sacrificed in the name of whatever the trendiest reason is at the moment, but we can’t affirm anything for sure since expressing any independent thoughts might get you in trouble. Jokes aside, in this video we’re going to report some terrible economic news that have been getting the most positive light possible in the mainstream media, but they actually don’t give us much reason for laughter.
We are barely three weeks into 2021, and the most recent reports show that 965,000 Americans filed new claims for unemployment benefits during the previous week. The media says this is an “evidence that the resurgent virus has caused a spike in layoffs”. No, not business shutdowns and the freeze in economic activity, the virus is the one to blame. According to the press, “the high pace of layoffs coincides with an economy that has faltered as consumers have avoided traveling, shopping, and eating out in the face of soaring viral caseloads”. Sure, the consumer behavior shift is what’s behind mass lay-offs. This worrying surge in unemployment figures have nothing to do with the restrictions federal and state governments imposed upon us.
Reports say that “employers shed jobs for the first time since April as the [health crisis] tightened its grip on consumers and businesses”. It seems that the health crisis has now become an agent force of its own. Strict lockdown mandates, on the other hand, were just the “necessary evil” the whole nation had to endure to help curb cases.
Everywhere we look, we can see that the economy is falling apart all around us. Federal agencies can sugarcoat the data, but they can’t impede us from interpreting them how they really are. At least, not yet. 2020 was undoubtedly one of the toughest years low-paid workers have ever faced. Unemployment for the lowest-paid workers in the U.S. is currently above 20%, but Federal Reserve officials are implying that this isn’t enough justification for a policy change.
In other words, policymakers have no intentions of changing the policies that have been hurting the economy. Therefore, there isn’t an effective plan to assist the workers that have been struggling the most. But how can we put a positive spin on this? One may ask. Well, at least more and more workers are being conceded the opportunity to stay home and not catch a potentially fatal respiratory infection. So some could say that this labor market collapse has actually had a beneficial impact on public health.
The American health care system is so primitive and profit-oriented that even during a global sanitary outbreak the main step to control contagion is to issue stay-at-home orders instead of educating the nation on how to handle effective health safety measures at the workplace. It’s undeniable that the lack of efficacy of these procedures is leading our entire system to a disaster. As the economic collapse writer Michael Snyder has perfectly put into words “now there is deep pain everywhere around us, and the level of suffering is only going to increase as the U.S. slides even faster toward economic oblivion”.

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