Americans should pay close attention to the scandal that didn’t leak

When it comes to getting and disseminating a leak, nothing beats what Congress and the media can accomplish. There has been a tone of exposures just this year that were supposed to be privileged information, classified information, and even Need-to-Know information. When it comes to this little secret, it never got exposed to the light of day. And now that it is out there in the public eye, you still cannot dig into the hows and whos and whys of it. 

As Written By Jack Hellner for the American Thinker:

Sherlock Holmes noticed the dog that didn’t bark.  Americans should pay close attention to the scandal that didn’t leak.

Information from the Mueller investigation leaks like a sieve.

Information from intelligence committees and intelligence agencies has a way of showing up in newspapers.

It seems every private conversation anyone surrounding Trump had with Russians and any meeting and inadvertent handshake shows



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