American Liberal Berates Man in MAGA Hat, Now Faces ‘Hate Crime’ Charges!

The irony of this is sweet.

Consider it for just a moment, will you?

In America leftists are currently fighting to end Freedom of Speech, based on the grounds that “hate speech” is not free speech. In Europe, free speech does not exist… just like the leftists want.

So a leftist American woman travels abroad, to Denmark and walks into a bar.

At this point she notices that the man seated across from her is wearing a #MAGA hat which “triggers” the woman and sends her into a rage. As the woman’s anger escalates, one of the other patrons begins recording…

Julius Daugbjerg Bjerrekær was the man in the MAGA hat and he later uploaded the video to his YouTube account for all the world to see.

“An American woman wanted to sit at my table. I was wearing a MAGA cap. She became visibly angry with my presence,



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