America Has Become A War Zone

America Has Become A War Zone (Image: MGN)

Countries are now releasing warnings to their citizens about traveling to the United States. The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and the Bahamas, have all issued travel warnings. Apparently, they are warning their citizens about the violent protests and demonstrations that have recently plagued the country.

America has spent its time watching other countries rage wars within themselves. One group fights against another, one group fights against the government. We have even gone as far as warning our citizens of traveling to those countries. Yet now, the roles have reversed. We are now the ones raging war within our country.

We are now the country that people are being warned about.

The United Arab Emirates Embassy has released a “special alert” to Washington D.C. on Saturday. Apparently, they are instructing their citizens to remain distant from the protests and demonstrations currently in the…



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