America First, Trump’s American Nationalism

However, this is clearly not Trumpian American nationalism. A careful review of Trump’s neo-American nationalism illustrates that the roots of Trump’s American First nationalism are essentially embedded in the core precepts of the American founding documents.

After careful review and analysis of Trump’s speeches, proclamations, policy announcements and doctrinal pronouncements, it is abundantly clear Trump’s America First doctrine is not a white nationalism, but an American Nationalism. The core identity of Trump’s Nationalism is based on America’s founding precepts and documents, rather than a racial identity.

For instance, this means embracing American Constitutional law over Islamic Sharia law; maintaining and keeping American manufacturing jobs over exporting manufacturing jobs to foreign shores;whenever possible, providing employment for the American worker first, rather than providing employment to foreign nationals first; building, repairing and replacing America infrastructure first, rather than repairing foreign infrastructure first; building and modernizing the American military first, rather than



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