Alexa! Write This Article For Me

Alexa Write This Article For Me. I have a new girlfriend. Alexa! For those if you who haven’t met Alexa, she is an Amazon creation that answers questions, turns on the TV, locks the doors, and does just about anything but walk the dog, and when the perfect AI dog comes along she’ll do that, too.

Recently Alexa brought her little sister, Dot, to hang around. Dot is the ultimate sister in law. She never sleeps, always at your elbow, listens to your every word, and tells big sister everything you think, do, and say.

Case in point. My grandkids were complaining about the lack of power cords for their drug of choice, the iPad. Now, for the record my grandsons are dumb as a box of rocks. They spend hours watching YouTube videos of someone ELSE playing video games. There’s these nerdy guys stalking each other and always



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