Alarming: Elway Poll shows more favor gun control than protecting rights

New poll a warning for Washington State gun owners. (Dave Workman)

A new Elway Poll shows a significant divide between urban and rural Washington State residents on the subject of gun control versus gun rights, an imbalance that might concern gun owners with Democrats now in full control in Olympia.

According to Elway, 62 percent of people living in districts that were won by Hillary Rodham Clinton last fall “favored controlling gun violence over protecting gun owners’ rights.” However, in districts won by Donald Trump, “54 percent prioritized protecting gun owners’ rights over controlling gun violence.”

In theory, this might be a rough reflection on how the gun issue boils down on the national level. Those districts represented by Democrats lean liberal, those districts represented by Republicans lean conservative.

Already Democrats are talking about more gun control. In the Evergreen State, liberal Attorney General Bob Ferguson will again push



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