Air Canada Near Miss Within 100 Feet of SF Disaster: NTSB

Air Canada’s near miss at San Francisco International Airport on July 7 was well within 100 feet, a report from the National Transportation Safety Board said. One expert said the errant jet was just one second away from disaster.

Federal agencies started investigating shortly after the passenger jet attempted to land on an active taxiway where four planes with hundreds of passengers were waiting to take off. The plane was a mere 59 feet from the ground before breaking off the attempt, noted the NTSB report released on Wednesday.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported at the time that Air Canada Flight 759, inbound from Toronto and carrying 135 passengers and five crew members, was supposed to land on Runway 28R but mistakenly lined up on nearby Taxiway C. The plane aborted the landing and circled the airport at the urging of the airport’s control tower and landed safely.

According to the NTSB



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