AG Jeff Sessions Sics DOJ Prosecutors on Hillary and the Foundation

AG Jeff Sessions has ordered DOJ lawyers to look into Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation as it pertains to Uranium One and donations to the Clinton Foundation, as well as other possible pay-to-play deals Crooked Hillary formulated with top donors.  He has also encouraged them to look into the way James Comey led the Hillary email investigation.  That could be important since Comey started drafting a letter exonerating Hillary before they had questioned 17 witnesses, including Clinton herself.

The Washington Post obtained an internal memo, contributed by a member of the deep state that lays out what Jeff Sessions wants investigated.  Sessions has also made it known that he is open to having special prosecutor.  That could be interesting because the new special prosecutor would have to investigate Mueller and his cover up of the Uranium One deal and the prosecution of Russians who were bribing Americans to



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