Afghan ‘refugee’ jailed for rape, murder of teen beauty

Maria Ladenburger (Photo: Facebook)

Afghan asylum seeker Hussein Khavari was sentenced to life in jail in Germany Thursday after he was convicted of raping and murdering the beautiful teen daughter of an EU official – but he may only spend 15 years behind bars.

Afghan migrant Hussein Khavari has been sentenced to jail for murdering and raping Maria Ladenburger, 19

Khavari attacked medical student Maria Ladenburger, 19, in Freiburg in October 2016. Khavari had told authorities he was only 17 years old, but teeth examinations revealed him to be between 22 and 29 years old. His deceased father said he is 34.

Khavari stalked Ladenburger as she rode home from a party one night, shoved the teen girl off of her bicycle and then bit and choked her. He then raped her repeatedly and left her to drown on the bank of a river.

Germany’s privacy laws prevent full disclosure of



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