Adding Fire To the Smoke: Trump Jr. Releases Russian Meeting Email Chain

It’s hard to believe the attorneys for Donald Trump Jr. were okay with his release the email chain embedded below —and if they did…it’s evidence for their disbarment hearing.

On Tuesday morning Trump Jr. released the email chain reported by the NY Times on Monday saying that before Jr, Kushner, and Manafort met with the Russian Lawyer to get opposition research, he knew that Russia was helping the Trump campaign.  The email chain does contain that information, BUT Goldstone does not offer proof that the Russian Govt. was involved.  Additionally Trump Jr. does not offer the quid pro quo that would classify the meeting as illegal collusion.

The very first email sent by Rod Goldstone we says that the Russian govt. was favoring the Trump campaign.

Goldstone told Jr. before the meeting that the attorney he was about to meet with worked for the Russian Govt. The lawyer says she wasn’t involved with the government,…



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