Actual Descendant of the Real Pocahontas Reacts to Trump’s “Racial Slur”

Liberals love to act like they caught conservatives in some kind of “gotcha” moment. They are salivating at the chance to exploit any little comment or action that highlights the “evil” conservatives. What I love about Trump is that he has some fun baiting them into a frenzy, and then he comes out looking like the good guy he is and they look like sniveling babies. Some day they will catch on to what he is doing, but today is not that day.

Trump knows calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” gets the libs really riled up, which is exactly why he keeps doing it.  At first they just alleged it was rude or unfair, now they have pulled the racism card, and it is backfiring big league.

The reason Trump and others call Warren “Pocahontas” is because of her baseless claim to be Native American to advance her career. Warren



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