Accuser Denies Accusing Sean Hannity of Harassment After He Hires Lawyers

Blogger and attorney Debbie Schlussel is doing the backstroke so fast that it makes Michael Phelps green with envy.  She is the NeverTrumper who has been accusing Hannity of things that he didn’t do for over a decade.  Her latest accusation that Sean Hannity sexually harassed her was supposed to grease the skids to get him off the air.

 Conservative pundit Debbie Schlussel told radio host Pat Campbell on Friday that she had been propositioned by Fox News host Sean Hannity when the he appeared in Detroit for a book tour, according to a report by The Daily Beast. After claiming that Hannity invited her to join him while he was signing books, which she found “very awkward,” he invited her back to his hotel — which she declined in order to get…



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