According to Huckabee, What’s the 1 Thing That Puts the FISA Memo Into Perspective?

What’s worse Watergate or FISA memo?

Isn’t it amazing, that BEFORE the FISA memo was released last Friday, the media tried to portray it as a grave threat to national security. Then, when it actually was released, the MSM began to refer to it as a dreaded nothingburger. How could they be so bipolar on the the same topic? Is it because they couldnt’ control the facts that were being released to the public?

As far as the MSM was concerned, the Republicans had overpromised and underproduced. Never mind that it revealed that the unverified Trump dossier, which investigators knew was compiled by anti-Trump forces, was used to obtain a warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act against a member of the Donald Trump campaign.

FACTS the MSM don’t want you to know about the FISA Memo

Never mind that the FISA memo was funded by the DNC or the Clinton



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