A Yom Kippur Primer For Non Jews

To My Friends in the Gentile community (we call you Goyim which is not derogatory it means nations), I’m sure you have heard of Yom Kippur, the below tries to explain the holiday to you in a way you might enjoy…at least it won’t be too Jewish which is something that secular Jews will appreciate.

Friday night (9/29/17)  at sundown begins the holy fast day of Yom Kippur, it is one of only two 25-hour fasts on the Jewish calendar (the other is Tisha B’av).

Yom Kippur is thought of as a “happy fast.” Jews give up nourishment,  sex and some other things (but let’s face it after the first two who really cares).

While the media stories of the holiday call it the day of atonement, that is not the reason for the fast..we’re  not fasting for atonement. We’re denying ourselves ice cream and connubial relations as some sort of sacrifice



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