A Twitter purge is coming. Are you a Trump supporter?

There has been great concern expressed by conservatives that Monday the 18th, the great Twitter purge will begin. Twitter had announced this date as a start date to remove hate content and bots from their social network. There are some Twitter accounts that deserve to be fearful of a purge. There are some very hateful and extreme commenters that plague all users of Twitter. Do conservatives, as a rule, have something to fear? Read on.

As Written BY MICHAEL EDISON HAYDEN for Newsweek:

Fears that a so-called Twitter purge will be taking place on Monday could lead to a surge for a small social networking site called Gab.

Spend a few hours on Gab, identified by its cartoon frog logo, and it can feel a little like you’re touring Twitter’s prison, if there were such a thing.

That’s because Gab is replete with far-right accounts that gained huge followings while pumping up Donald Trump’s message during the



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