A Sudden ‘Modesty’ Sweeps GOP House Caucus?

The GOP House caucus is maybe facing a predicament. What if you gave a Committee chairmanship and nobody came? With the departure of House Intelligence Committee Chair Trey Gowdy, that position will be open after the mid-term elections. What is remarkable is that there are no takers at the present moment. Does that mean that there is no one interested? Are the interested parties laying back in the weeds to see what the competition will be? Does the possible turnover of the House leadership to the Democrats make this a job that would not be a good career choice? Who is interested, then?

As Written and Reported By Andrew Malcolm for Hot Air:

Normally, becoming chairman of a congressional committee is a big deal, eagerly sought after by ambitious members of the majority party who want to make a public name for themselves.

Not so much anymore, at least concerning the House



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