A solid “blue state” may be less solid than previously thought

The pedaling of sex by Hollywood elites and the rapid decline of political morals in government make cause this blue state to become another color. There is a supposed series of sexual harassment claims the size and scope of which will decimate the Democrat ranks in the State House. The loss of trust in Hollywood and its close association with state politics is setting up a lose-lose situation for Democrat candidates. Here is the back story.

As Written and Reported By Emily Zanotti for the Daily Wire:

If there’s any state in the union that is most assuredly “blue,” it’s California. Outside of a single Republican governor — Arnold Schwarzenegger — and a handful of state and federal legislators in northern and far southern counties, Democrats hold nearly every elected office in the state.

But according to Politico, a burgeoning sexual harassment scandal is roiling the state’s Democratic ranks and a series of “scandal-induced resignations”



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