A Rogue Ruling From Hawaii

“This is an unprecedented judicial overreach.”  – President Trump on Judge Derrick Watson’s ruling halting his second temporary travel ban

It was a targeted, deviously calculated, and so scolding rebuke of President Trump’s newly revised executive order on travel and refugees…his second attempt at what was at first attempt a rightful and legal order. And once again a liberal judge had our nation’s security taking a back seat to both political correctness and the will of an ex-president and his ‘shadow government’ who will protect ‘the brethren’ at all costs.

And so after weeks spent reworking the original order to the point where all the i’s were dotted and all the t’s were crossed, it was thought that no further judicial halt would happen, but then enter center stage Hawaiian Federal Court Judge Derrick K. Watson, a judicial activist in the same mold as Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a community…



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