‘A Recognition of Reality’…Part One

President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shake hands in Jerusalem in May. Some critics say Netanyahu responded cautiously to the Charlottesville rally because he wanted to avoid angering Trump.

“I told him: ‘My friend the president, you are going to make history.’ Yesterday, he made history.”
– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

It truly was one for the history books…a game changer like none before…when on Wednesday, December 6, 2017, at 1:10pm President Trump officially announced that Jerusalem…an undivided Jerusalem…is the capital of the Jewish State of Israel alone, and that our ️embassy will soon move there.

Having the courage and fortitude to rightfully do what other presidents have either refused to do or had the courage to do…Trump sent a powerful message to both the Arab world and the world at large that the knife Barack HUSSEIN Obama had dug deep into Israel’s back has now been removed,



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