A Man For All Seasons

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Every now and again there is a man for all seasons. A Thomas More, Jefferson, Crockett or a James Yeager. Someone who stands up, tells it like it is, says what he means, and doesn’t back down when the going gets rough. The world attacks these people. In a society of go along to get along,
men of firm beliefs simply do not fit in. James Yeager is one of those men. Truly a man for all seasons.

The constitution is not an opinion. The constitution was crafted through the wisdom and blood of patriots. The word “Patriot” has received a lot of negative press of late. Those who inflict this are “not” patriots, therefore it only goes to follow they are “not” Americans, and most certainly “not” Texans!

A while back James Yeager put up a YouTube video in which he explained that if anyone “burned” down



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