A derisive fight for the heart and soul of America is presently being waged.

On the surface President Trump is the center focus of the dissension from the social democrats on the left and the open border international globalists on the right.

However, beneath the surface the substantive attack from the dissenters are the unalienable rights, immutable responsibilities and obligations of citizenship,the privileges and benefits of constitutional government.
In reality, it is not only President Trump who is under attack, but the traditional American way of life.
The battle cry of the established and entrenched “deep state” arrayed against traditional America is “racism” and “white America” versus those who would terminate the sovereignty of America by permanently maintaining open borders and destructive unfair trade practices. While the battle cry for traditional America are “constitutional government” and “United States sovereignty”.

Under the reasonable concept of “Federalism” and secured by the tenth Amendment



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