A Great Depression For The 21st Century: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Housing Will Crash – Robert Kiyosaki

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Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki is sharing a very gloomy prediction for the near-term outlook: The everything bubble has burst and now it’s time for several asset classes to face a ‘giant’ crash. An economic depression is also looming on the horizon and the unprepared will be left empty-handed. In a series of new tweets published in his personal Twitter account, Robert Kiyosaki is once again warning about a devastating stock market crash. Only this time, the expert is saying that the event will be followed by an economic depression like no other.
While the S&P peaks, under the surface of the market, the bubble has started to deflate. Worries about inflation and the new variant are still rising, that’s why Robert says that danger is lurking. The famous author is warning that investors should brace for a ‘sweeping market crash and painful economic downturn’ in the coming months. For a long time, the expert has been sounding the alarm about the ‘biggest crash in the world’s history, arguing that we’re witnessing a giant bubble and the U.S. economy cannot support current stock valuations, especially when considering inflation versus real growth numbers.
Although Kiyosaki remains very firm in his ultra-bearish position, he revealed that he’s planning to scoop up several assets once prices go down and before the U.S. economy slides into a depression. In fact, in a recent interview, Kiyosaki claimed that we are already in a “technical depression,” meaning that we might already be in the initial stages of a major economic slowdown, so investors must stay alert. Unlike other bearish analysts, he openly admits that he has every intention to capitalize on the next sell-off, arguing that it is a buying opportunity, but also a very worrying prospect. “The good news is the best time to get rich is during a crash,” the founder of Rich Global and Rich Dad Company tweeted earlier this year. “Bad news is the next crash will be a long one”. “Be aware. Take care,” he continued.
Kiyosaki disclosed how he is going to prepare for this inevitable downturn: Bitcoin, gold, silver, and real estate are going to be his investments of choice after prices crash. “I love Bitcoin because I do not trust Fed, Treasury, or Wall Street,” the expert tweeted last month. He also exposed that he was buying more Bitcoin and Ether as inflation concerns rise and prices fluctuate. Bitcoin is starting to be seen as an alternative to cash, as more and more people lose trust in fiat money. As opposed to cash, Bitcoin can’t be printed out of thin air. The same goes for gold, one of his other favorite assets. “I’m not buying gold because I like gold, I’m buying gold because I don’t trust the Fed,” the author highlighted.
Silver is also one of his preferred assets. For some, the grey metal may not seem as appealing as gold, but the author insists that it could be an even greater opportunity considering its price action. Just like gold, silver can be an effective form of wealth protection. But it’s much more than a safe haven asset. The metal is used in the production of solar panels and many components of electrical vehicles. Thus, the industrial demand and its hedging properties can make silver a very exciting asset class for investors to hold on to.
Last but not least, a real estate crash seems to be approaching. And when prices face a much-needed correction, investing in properties can provide protection and great returns to investors, according to Kiyosaki. This week, he warned that the Evergrande debt crisis will spill over the U.S. economy and collapse the price of U.S. stocks and real estate, resulting in bargains for smart investors to take advantage of, but a financial disaster for the reckless and unprepared.
Kiyosaki is clearly worried that investors are way too confident that the bullish run will continue and aren’t repositioning their portfolios for a market meltdown that may come without warning. Considering the huge piles of money being poured into meme stocks and volatile assets, risks are extremely high. The financial guru admits that economic booms and skyrocketing asset prices are exciting, but cautioned that the subsequent slumps are horrifying to live through. “Booms are fun. Everyone is excited,” he tweeted. “Busts are terrifying. Crashes are terrifying.” Several asset bubbles have already burst and many more will do the same over the next few weeks. A ‘terrifying’ stock market crash is fast approaching, and we all should get prepared for the worst. Or, as Kiyosaki asked his followers, “If the market falls out tonight, will you be richer or poorer?”


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