A Dicey Little Problem With An Age Restriction For Buying Semi-Automatic Rifles

There are some basic issues with placing an age restriction on the purchase of semi-automatic rifles. There is now a push at the Federal level to raise the age to 21. The reason that dog won’t hunt has to do with teaching young adults how to hunt and then denying them the use of that rifle. The AR-15 is not now nor has it ever been an assault rifle. if you do not know the difference, stop reading this and go educate yourself before continuing…….

As Written and Reported By Taylor Millard for Hot Air:

The big “thought balloon” being considered by several people, and endorsed by President Donald Trump, is a new age restriction on semi-automatic rifles. AP has already provided a roundup of the idea, while also positing it was Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump who are really pushing the President to act. It’s understandable why people see the AR-15 as almost



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