A Convention of States Is “A Double Edged Sword” – So Choose Your Edge

So you claim the Convention of States Project is “double edged sword”?

The truth is, all law is a double edged sword when the Supreme Court can fabricate eisegesic interpretations of a law without fear of being held accountable.   Eisegesic reading is to employ unintended, external meanings to a phrase, a meaning not based on original intent.

Exegesis legal reading – original intent – MUST be the ONLY basis for judiciary rulings, all lawyers and judges know this well, it’s obvious upon inspection.   Except for activist judges – they pretend eisegesis interpretation is ok.  They are lying.  And they realized 100 years ago they can get away with it.

Thus the constitution is a double edged sword as well, in the hands of a corrupt justice.  The founders knew the Constitution could be usurped, that’s why Mason had them include Article 5 to give the states the



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