95-Year-Old Marine Fights Burglar, Daughter Chases Him Through Town [WATCH]

A burglar got more than he bargained for when he entered the home of a 95-year-old World War II Marine veteran and his daughter.

Gary Wells, 53, wishes he had never stepped into the home of the former Marine who had raised his 51-year-old daughter to be just as fearless.

The West Allis, MN family, who asked for their last name not to be used, said they were fortunate Wells did not have a gun.

Fred, the marine and former firefighter, says his dog started barking and alerted him to someone breaking in through a back door of the West Allis house on Dec. 4.

“He must have seen him,” said Fred. When he opened a back bedroom door, he said, “I was almost standing nose to nose with him. That was a shocker.” Fred added that the robber threatened to kill him and his dog if he didn’t hand over



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