8 Misunderstood Scriptures About Unclean Meat

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Many Christians are under the impression that the Old Testament law of unclean meats was abolished by the New Covenant. They point to a number of New Testament scriptures to try and prove this. The problem is, all of those scriptures are misinterpreted. The New Covenant doesn’t abolish the law of unclean meats! That law still applies to Christians today. God doesn’t want His people to eat pork and other unclean animals. Learn what the true meaning is of many of the New Testament scriptures people twist to abolish unclean meats by watching this video!

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#1. Mark 7.18-19 :::::::::::::: 01:21
#2. Acts 10.9-16 ::::::::::::::: 03:15
#3. Acts 21.25 :::::::::::::::::: 06:06
#4. Romans 14.1-3 :::::::::: 08:37
#5. 1 Timothy 4.4-5 ::::::::: 11:23
#6. Colossians 2.20-22 :: 13:03
#7. Titus 1.15 ::::::::::::::::::: 14:29
#8. 1 Corinthians 10.25 :: 15:31

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